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Cayla Manoff

Cayla Manoff


Cayla Manoff is a dedicated Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant who joined the Palm Beach Speech and OT Specialists team in January 2023. With a passion for helping children overcome developmental challenges, Cayla brings a wealth of experience in private pediatric therapy, particularly in treating Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and various developmental delays.


Cayla's journey into occupational therapy began with a focus on early intervention, recognizing the critical importance of early support in a child's development. Eager to deepen her understanding and expand her skill set, Cayla pursued further education in occupational therapy, driven by a desire to make a positive difference in the lives of her young patients.


Throughout her career, Cayla has undergone extensive training in sensory integration and play therapy, equipping her with valuable tools to tailor her approach to each child's unique needs. With a holistic perspective, she emphasizes the importance of addressing every aspect of a child's development, recognizing that progress occurs at individual paces.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Cayla finds joy in spending time with her family and being in the ocean. Her commitment to helping children thrive, combined with her compassionate approach and dedication to ongoing learning, make Cayla a valuable asset to the Palm Beach Speech and OT Specialists team and a trusted ally for families seeking support for their children's growth and development.

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