Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a profession that helps individuals across the lifespan reach goals they want and need to accomplish through therapeutic use of self and daily life tasks. The root of occupational therapy focuses on the occupations that are functional and meaningful to each client. Occupational Therapists evaluate, intervene, and monitor goals to help an individual accomplish tasks to create the highest functional outcome possible. Intervention is aimed at helping others achieve quality of life through purposeful and goal-oriented activities. The goal of pediatric OT is to develop all the necessary skills for lifelong learning and to provide the support needed for children to be productive, independent members of their community. Occupation Therapists draw upon training and evidence-based research to provide a just right challenge of therapeutic activities aimed at reaching developmental milestones. Age-related daily occupations include play, self care, education, rest and sleep, and social participation. Education and involvement of caretakers (parents, teachers, etc.) is critical in achieving treatment success.

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